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We help you to conquer the 2D barcode challenges that your factory automation is facing.

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Benefits and Features

Decoding Capacity

Our Fun2D decoding engine is good at reading fast-moving barcodes, reading tiny barcodes, reading low contrast barcodes (ex: lasermark 2d barcodes) and to read multiple barcodes simultaneously.

Customized Solution

When you cannot find a proper standard product in the market, we are willing to build a customized solution to meet your special needs.


Our Fun2D decoder supports all types of platforms such as windows, linux, android and even browser-based platform. In addition, we support different communication modes to make integration easier.


We care about the stability of the system. Only reliable systems can bring you the peace of mind.

Free Consultants

We have a group of 2D barcode experts and we like challenging problems. We are the team who will not only listen to you for your issues but also work together with you to come up with the constructive solutions.


Suitable for Industrial Automation, Intelligent Logistics Center, Package Tracking, Product Life Cycle Management and Quality Control, Automated Tracking of Product, Electronics, Semiconductor, IC, Automotive, Medical Devices, Surgical Instrument, Consumer Goods Label, Pharmaceutical Products Label.


We are aware of the industrial barcode challenges that you are encountering, including:

  • The issue of reliability when reading low-contrast laser-marked 2D barcodes.

  • The difficulty in reading barcodes as the space available for printing or marking them becomes smaller.

  • The increasing demand for fast-moving barcode reading in order to improve production efficiency.

  • The challenge of integrating barcode reading with robotic arms.

  • the requirement for simultaneous recognition of multiple 1D/2D barcodes.

  • the high cost of industrial 1D/2D barcode readers, and the need for cost-effective alternatives when upgrading a large number of devices.

  • The challenge of reading small 1D/2D barcodes within a large field of view (FOV).

  • The possibility of using mobile phones with an application to scan 1D/2D barcodes in shipping or packaging areas.

  • The search for a professional barcode reading Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate with your program.

  • The feasibility of incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) features into barcode scanning.


Industrial Fixed Mount Scanner

Used to track and trace items on conveyor belts or assembly lines automatically. (Click to view video)

Multiple 1D/2D Barcodes Reader

Designed to scan multiple codes at once to improve efficiency. (Click to view video)

1mm x 1mm IC Tiny Code Reader

Suitable to read tiny 1d/2d barcode on small items such as IC chips, modules or display panels.

Dual Reader Integration Device

Developed to integrate dual barcode readers. Normally used to read from top and bottom of a single item currently.

Ying Yang Eyes@ Multi-Code Reader

Designed to read one or many small codes within a large field of view (FOV).(Click to view video)

Fast-Moving Barcode Reader

Suitable to read fast-moving items on conveyor belts stably in factory or logistics center. (Click to view video)

Long Range Barcode Scanner

Suitable to read barcode from long distance.

Industrial DPM Reading Device

Best choice to read different DPM (Direct part marking) codes.

Inkjet Barcodes Reading Device

Used to read inkjet barcodes on mental surface with quality issue.

1D/2D Barcode Reader SDK for Desktop

SDKs for Windows, Linux, Android and Browser-Based platforms.

1D/2D Barcode Reader SDK for Mobile

SDKs to support Android, iOS as well as Browser. The SDK is especially powerful and efficient for QR Code reading and offers functions such as auto-zoom, multi-code reading etc. (Click to view detail)

Barcode Scanning Software - Windows

Turn your webcam into a professional barcode scanner. The stand-alone windows program helps you scan 1D/2D barcodes without any programming. (Click to view detail)

Smart Camera 1D/2D Barcode Scanner

Designed to put all funtions into one single smart device.

Barcode Soft Reader for Rugged Phone

Designed to bundle into rugged phone to turn the built-in camera module into a 1D/2D barcode scanner.

Embedded QR Code Software Reader

QR Code/ Data Matrix code reader for Raspberry Pi or embedded devices with other operation systems such as WinCE, Linux, Android. (Click to view video)

Medical Tubes Data Matrix Codes Reader

Designed to read multiple 2D Data Matrix codes marked on storage tubes.(Click to view video)

Label Checker Device for Printing Machine

Super high speed label checker with speed up to 180m per minute for printing machine. (Click to view video)

Barcode Picture File Batch Decoder

Suitable for reading in files (pictures, scanned documents or sheets) and decoding the 1D/2D barcodes within the document automatically.

Medical Device UID 2D Code Reader

Developed to read multiple medical device UIDs represented by very small size Data Matrix code. (Click to view video)

Cardboard Box Label Reader

Suitable for reading 1D/2D barcodes printed on the cardboard box labels. (Click to view video)

Multiple Module ID Reading Device

Designed to read module ID normally marked as data matrix 2d codes and placed on industrial tray plate (ex: JEDEC tray). (Click to view video)

Multiple 2D Code Reading Mobile APP

Suitable for stock receiving control by reading all box labels on pallet.

Tobacco Product Anti-Tampering Device(ATD)

Designed as an ATD device used for tracing tobacoo products by reading the unique identifier marked on all unit packets.

OCR Recognition System

Suitable for reading alpha-numeric characters marked on chips or IC modules.