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One QR Code, Three Key Functions: Anti-Fake, Traceability, and Marketing

Cloud-based Verification for Effective Anti-Fake, No More Worries About Fake Goods

Includes Providing Anti-Fake Label Stickers or Assistance with Product Outer Box Printing

Suitable for Various Products like Health Foods and Beauty Items

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  • Fake Goods - Cause (A) Loss of Revenue, (B) Damage to Brand Value, (C) Loss of Consumer Trust, (D) Setback to Manufacturers' Innovation and Branding Efforts.

  • Product diversion and Price Chaos - Lead to (A) Constant Complaints from Offline Stores, (B) Damage to Corporate Brand Image, (C) Severe Impact on Distributors' and Agents' Enthusiasm for Selling Products, (D) Reduced Consumer Trust in the Brand.

  • Lack of Membership - Results in (A) Inability to Effectively Propel Marketing Activities, (B) High Restrictions by E-commerce Platforms.

  • Ultimately, this leads to Loss of Distributors, Loss of Customers, and Market Loss, which is highly detrimental to the Long-Term Development of the Brand.

Easy to Verify

Consumers can easily authenticate products by scanning the QR Code with their mobile phones, a super convenient and effective method! This addresses the major deficiency of traditional anti-fake labels which consumers couldn't effectively identify.

Track and Trace

Through unique item code traceability management, it's possible to effectively resolve the issues of product diversion and price chaos in distribution channels. Additionally, it enhances the level of management, allowing real-time tracking and tracing of each product's batch number, manufacturing date, shipping date, and shipping destination.

Proactive Marketing

Allows consumers to easily participate in marketing activities such as lucky draws, gift redemptions, and warranty registrations through the product's QR Code. This can also redirect traffic back to the product's official website for online purchases or immediate customer service inquiries, enhancing marketing effectiveness and strengthening member recruitment.


Unique QR Code for Each Product

Each product item has a unique identity QR code. Complex encoding, QR Code generation, and verification mechanisms are pre-built into the platform. You just need to manage it easily through the backend, making it user-friendly and quick to launch.

Effective Anti-Fake and Prevention of Imitation

Combining QR Code with a cloud-based anti-fake platform, we use data for authentication, making anti-fake truly effective.

Prevent Product Diversion and Price Chaos

The platform offers easy history logging functionality. Just by scanning the QR Code with a mobile phone, not only can product traceability be managed, but it also effectively prevents issues in distribution channels like product diversion and price chaos, enhancing channel fairness and consumer trust.

Marketing Integration

Leverage product QR Codes to integrate marketing activities, including luchy draws, membership list collection, online shopping, FB fan page, LINE official account connections, and product video presentations.

Shipment Scanning with Mobile Phones

The system includes a built-in history logging app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. No need for additional hardware or scanning devices, convenient for SMEs to digitally upgrade cost-effectively and advance to traceability management directly.

Easy for Consumers to Verify Authenticity

Unlike traditional methods where consumers struggle to remember and recognize anti-counterfeit label styles, our QR Code anti-fake solution allows consumers to authenticate products simply by scanning a QR Code with their phone, without needing to download any specific app.

Exclusive Corporate Management Backend

The platform provides a management backend for corporate operation: (A) manage product pages, including uploading product photos and defining flexible fields (B) manage history logging tasks, such as defining shipping data including batch number, manufacturing date, and shipping target, and (C) manage marketing activities, such as lottery registration, gift redemption, and warranty registration.

Data Analysis and API Integration

The system offers GA integration for marketing analysis of scan frequency, scan origin country/region, scanning device, and scanning time. The system's API can integrate with ERP order systems or display product carbon footprint information.

Flexible Advanced Options

QR Code (One Item One Code) printing can be done via label stickers or direct product outer box printing. Direct product outer box printing eliminates the need for labeling and tearing issues. Box or label printing can be paired with your existing suppliers or through our One-Stop services. For QR Code scanning in history logging, besides built-in mobile scanning, we also offer advanced vision systems for automatic production line scanning and recognition.

Simple Consumer Verification Process

Easy verification process, consumers simply use their mobile phones to scan the product QR Code for verification!

Scan Product QR Code


Enter Anti-Fake Code


Check Results


Lucky Draw Registration


Traceability Registration - Easily Done via Mobile Phones

A. Cross-platform Compatibility with Android/iOS

B. Helps Prevent Human Errors in Shipping

C. Prevents Product Diversion and Price Chaos

Various Types of Anti-Fake Labels

Standard Anti-Fake Labels

Advanced Anti-Fake Labels

Customized Anti-Fake Labels

Multiple Anti-Fake Mechanisms

Solution Categories

Digital Tag Solution

  • QR Code Digital Tags
  • Pre-Set Digital Tag Webpages
  • Product Configuration
  • Record Work Setting
  • Record Logging App
  • Marketing Activity Setting
  • Anti-Fake Verification
  • Excludes Physical Tags
  • Excludes Domain Setup Services
  • Minimum Order Quantity: None


Standard Anti-Fake

  • QR Code Digital Tags
  • Pre-Set Digital Tag Webpages
  • Product Configuration
  • Record Work Setting
  • Record Logging App
  • Marketing Activity Setting
  • Anti-Fake Verification
  • Physical Anti-Fake Label (3.2cm x 2cm)
  • Excludes Domain Setup Services
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000


Advanced Anti-Fake

  • QR Code Digital Tags
  • Pre-Set Digital Tag Webpages
  • Product Configuration
  • Record Work Setting
  • Record Logging App
  • Marketing Activity Setting
  • Anti-Fake Verification
  • Physical Anti-Fake Label (3.2cm x 2cm)
  • Domain Setup Services
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000


Additional Purchase Options

Vision Recognition Device

An integrated smart camera industrial QR Code reader, installable on your shipping assembly line for automated QR Code recognition, enabling tag activation and shipping history log entries.

Unique QR Code Label Quick Check Device

Ultra-fast QR Code identification device, installable at your label or box printing plants, ensuring all variable QR Codes are verified post-printing or marking, guaranteeing consumer scan-ability in the future.

Automatic Ink-Jet Coding Machine

Installable on your assembly line for automatic QR Code ink-jet coding on product packaging. Also suitable for ink-jet coding production dates, expiration dates, and product serial numbers. Ideal for high-volume shipping needs and recommended in combination with vision recognition devices for post-coding immediate reading and verification.

QR Code Laser Marking Machine

Suitable for QR Code laser marking on special product materials.

QR Code Color Label Printer

For self-printing QR Code labels with color logos.

QR Code Automatic Labeling Machine

For automated QR Code labeling on the production line. Saves on labor costs and avoids manual labeling errors.

Special Anti-Fake Printing Services

Provides a variety of special anti-fake printing services, including invisible text, microtext, special security patterns, and laser printing.

QR Code Tamper-Proof(void) Label Printing

Provides services for printing QR Codes combined with tamper-proof (void) label features.

Label, Card, and Box Printing Services

Custom printing of variable QR Code labels, cards, or product outer boxes as per required dimensions, specifications, and materials.

Specialty Labels

Offers special labels for high-temperature resistance, transparency, water resistance, scratch resistance, or suitable for glass material coding.

Standard Labels and Ribbons

Provides labels and ribbons as per required dimensions and specifications.

Customized Domain Configuration Services

Offers customized anti-fake verification domain settings.

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