QR Code Event Integration System Solution

Fun2D QR Code Event Check-in Solution [System] [Contact US]


    - Fast processing – no waiting in line – professional

    - Real-time status updates

    - Best first impression

    - Anti-Fraud and security checks

    - VIP alerts

    - Cool and strong sense of technology to check-in via mobile

    - Multiple ways of checking in

    - Simple and easy to use

    - Suitable for seminars, conference, training, exhibition, year-end party, forum check-ins



Fun2D QR Code e-Handout Solution [Contact US]


    - Paperless

    - Cut back on paper usage, environmentally friendly

    - Compatible with any iOS, Android, or tablet

    - Handouts downloadable to any mobile



Fun2D QR Code e-Survey Solution[Contact US]


    - Fast and easy access to survey on mobile via QR code

    - Paperless

    - Automatic identification of user

    - QR Code verification of survey completion

    - Distribution of prizes and gifts upon QR Code verification

    - No extra work required

    - Real-time updates on survey statistics



Fun2D QR Code Luckydraw Solution[Contact US]


    - Lottery draw for checked-in guests only

    - Fair and clear draw procedures

    - Easily configurable prizes

    - Different prize eligibility according to various completion levels



Fun2D QR Code CheckPoint Solution [Contact US]


    - Fast processing

    - Guides visitors to sponsor booths

    - Automatic data collection for analysis and view

    - Increases interaction within the venue

    - Used for gifts and prevents handing doubles

    - Can be used for sweepstakes or giveaways



Fun2D QR Code Information Exchange Solution[Contact US]


    - QR code badge used as informaiton exchange between guests and event booth

    - Express card collection completed within one second beep

    - Save exhibitors input time

    - Store guest information instantly

    - Automatically sends e-DM to guest

    - Can be used for giving ceremony to visit the booth

    - Booth provided each with a QR Code scanning box



Fun2D QR Code ID Check Solution [Contact US]


    - Shows the number of entrants

    - Shows current numbers and also can limit the numbers of admittance

    - Can be used to control invited and uninvited guests

    - Customizable visuals

    - Quick-scan with QR code badge usage



Fun2D QR Code Badge Printing Service [Contact US]


    - Highly reliable QR code generator

    - Simple and easy to make customizable event badge, ID cards, invitations, raffle tickets, overlays, and QR code stickers

    - Profession QR code design and parameter recommendations

    - Easily printable

    - Only require an Excel Sheet for QR code production



Fun2D QR Code Mobile Registration Solution [Contact US]


    - Easy registration on mobile with QR code

    - Customizable registration website

    - Receive notification upon successful registration

    - Available for all platforms, iPhone, Android, Windows phone



Fun2D QR Code Course Registration Solution [Contact US]


    - Quick enrollment assistance

    - Instant display Course remaining places

    - Can be used with approach control system allows guests priority enrollment approach



Fun2D QR Code Year-End Party Luckydraw Solution[Contact US]


    - Computerized lottery draw

    - Fully Customizable interface and prizes

    - Anti-Fraud

    - Instant winner notification

    - Easy wireless controller



Fun2D QR Code Event VIP Arrival Announcement Solution[Contact US]


    - Venue wide alert of VIP arrival

    - Allows VIP to feel welcomed and important

    - Displays VIP on large screen



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Entry Regulation Solution [Contact US]


    - Regulate personnel entry

    - Live update of populace in venue

    - Calculates entry count

    - Restrict unauthorized access

    - Allows entry based on sections or time



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Interaction Card Solution[Contact US]


    - Enhance interactions with guests

    - Integrated with popular social networks

    - Multi-layer guest interaction

    - Easy management of personal information

    - Full support management of gifts and prizes



Fun2D QR Code Lucky Spin Solution[Contact US]


    - Full support management of gifts and prizes

    - Usage of QR code for prize draw

    - Increases interactivity with crowd

    - Set the prizes and record remaining prizes



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Stage Instant Luckydraw Solution[Contact US]


    - Easy lottery participation though QR code

    - Fair and random lottery draw

    - Suitable for all exhibitions and stage performances

    - Integrated with popular social media



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Interactive Kiosk Solution[Contact US]


    - Interactive games with the usage of QR code adds a new dimension to an exhibition

    - Interactive QR code which adds features to visitor tickets

    - Printable tickets for customers to take as souvenirs

    - Easy to track customers and usage



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition eDM Auto Reply Solution[Contact US]


    - Visitors can receive detailed product information through scanning QR code

    - Easy one-click email to visitors containing business contact information

    - Simple and environment friendly solution

    - Automatically collect information on potential consumer and business opportunities



Fun2D QR Code Facebook Share Solution[Contact US]


    - Facebook share through QR code

    - Maximize the benefits of event booth

    - Simplify sharing pictures and text for products



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Information Kiosk Solution[Contact US]


    - Quick and easy installation

    - QR code cards are easily recycled

    - Beautifully designed cards for guests

    - Cards can be made tailored to any situation, such as special events, work, services, projects, or others



Fun2D QR Code Scavenger Hunt Solution[Contact US]


    - Promote a specific landscape

    - Interactive and fun way to guide participants to specific interest points

    - Easy to scan with mobile phone

    - Shows current status

    - Reports automatically when points completed



Fun2D QR Code Participant Count Solution[聯絡我們]


    - Reliable and accurate

    - Supports simultaneous multi-entry

    - Center console displays current participant numbers

    - Instantly reports cumulative statistics

    - Used at past Guiness World Record events



Fun2D QR Code Rally CheckPoint Solution[Contact US]


    - Easy to use and fast scanning

    - Real-time data statistics

    - Simple to read score online

    - Valid code synchronization