QR Code Marketing Solution


Fun2D QR Code Scanning Analysis Solution[Contact US]


    - Analysis of various advertisements of products can be stored through QR code 

    - Simple and easy to use display of product popularity



Fun2D QR Code Sales Promotion Solution[Contact US]


    - Direct link to marketing programs and purchase

    - Set invoice numbers or membership

    - Easy distribution of sweepstakes through QR code

    - Lottery system compatible

    - Useful for promoting purchase in exhibitions and computer activities



Fun2D QR Code e-Coupon Solution[Contact US]


    - Perfect for online coupons and redeemable at stores


    - Able to issue membership cards through mobile

    - Sends coupons instantly for consumers

    - Coupon redemption fast and simple

    - Automated computer reports eliminates errors



Fun2D QR Code Generation and Auto-Sending Solution[Contact US]


    - Fast production of large numbers of QR code

    - Can be sent via Email or SMS

    - Sent in large batches of needed

    - Can be coded as an ECoupon



Fun2D QR Code Personalized Design Service[Contact US]


    - Unique QR Code design

    - Professionally tested to ensure QR Code readability



Fun2D QR Code Personalized Gift Service[Contact US]


    - Exclusive QR Code seal production

    - Exclusive QR Code Lego (Lego) Production

    - Exclusive QR Code Necklace making

    - Exclusive QR Code card production



Fun2D QR Code Stickers Solution[Contact US]


    - Complete verification and testing

    - Recommended settings and appropriate specifications



Fun2D QR Code Customized Product Labeling Solution[Contact US]


    - Customizable label form

    - Easy to manage through Excel imported data

    - Generate large amounts of QR code easily

    - Access to a large list of product label printing

    - System provides all common sizes for free

    - Print to standard A4

    - Supports DataMatrix



Fun2D QR Code Scavenger Hunt Solution[Contact US]


    - Promote a specific landscape

    - Interactive and fun way to guide participants to specific interest points

    - Easy to scan with mobile phone

    - Shows current status

    - Reports automatically when points completed