QR Code Solutions

Fun2D QR Code Event Check-in Solution [System] [Contact US]


    - Fast processing – no waiting in line – professional

    - Real-time status updates

    - Best first impression

    - Anti-Fraud and security checks

    - VIP alerts

    - Cool and strong sense of technology to check-in via mobile

    - Multiple ways of checking in

    - Simple and easy to use

    - Suitable for seminars, conference, training, exhibition, year-end party, forum, family day, annual shareholders meeting etc.



FunCode QR Code Visitor Registration System [Contact Us]


    - Implements real-name visitor registration and verification. Can also be used for employee entry records.

    - Prevents exposure of personal data in paper visitor logs.

    - Digital, paperless solution, improving ease of data management and tracking visitor activity.

    - Visitors can scan codes autonomously, with clear and transparent backend data for staff to review quickly.

    - Records visitor access cards, facilitating contact if a card is not returned.

    - Flexible rental plans: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual options available.



FunCode IC Chip LaserMarking QR Code Multi-Code Recognition Device [Contact Us]


    - Visual automatic inspection replaces manual scanning

    - Reports barcode content, angle, ISO 15415 quality grade

    - Equipped with an all-in-one industrial camera and computer

    - Standardized JSON output format

    - Input and output interfaces

    - Suitable for scanning electronic parts such as memory modules, camera modules, IC modules, PCBs, network modules, battery modules, CPUs, and panels during quality inspection and testing



FunCode LaserMarking QR Code Quality Grading System [Contact Us]


    - Instantly verifies the quality grade of lasermarking QR codes according to ISO 15415 standards

    - Full quality inspection replaces sample testing

    - Prevents unreadable QR codes in subsequent processes or at the client end

    - Can be integrated with existing laser engraving operations

    - Acts as an integrated inspection function for laser engraving machines



FunCode Invoice QR Code Scanning and OCR Text Recognition SDK (Professional Version) [Contact Us]


    - Solves various recognition issues with poor-quality invoice QR codes, including partial printing, fading, creases, wear, damage, and digital distortion

    - Simultaneously recognizes dual QR codes on invoices

    - Performs OCR text recognition for long invoice numbers



FunCode Cloud Scanning Service [Contact Us]


    - Provides cloud scanning APIs for easy system integration

    - Enhances decoding capabilities, significantly improving recognition rates

    - Suitable for automated barcode recognition on forms and documents, such as bulk invoice QR code recognition

    - Can handle large batch scanning needs



Fun2D Barcode Recognition Scanning SDK [Contact Us]


    - Recognizes various 1D and 2D barcodes.

    - Handles various issues with low contrast, partial printing, fading, creases, wear, damage, and digital distortion.

    - Supports multi-code scanning recognition simultaneously.

    - Provides barcode position and angle information.

    - Supports Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and browser operating systems.

    - Compatible with PCs, laptops, mobiles, tablets, Raspberry Pi, Jetson, IPC, chips, etc.

    - Reports barcode quality grade scores.

    - Suitable for handheld ticket validation machines, barcode reading devices, desktop mobile payment scanning devices, barcode scanners, payment machines, vending machines, POS machines, price checkers, medical tablets, industrial barcode recognition devices, industrial vision equipment, ID barcode recognition devices, document form scanning machines, laser engraving machines, mobile inspection devices, smart glasses, and other barcode applications.


Fun2D QR Code e-Handout Solution [Contact US]


    - Paperless

    - Cut back on paper usage, environmentally friendly

    - Compatible with any iOS, Android, or tablet

    - Handouts downloadable to any mobile



Fun2D QR Code e-Survey Solution[Contact US]


    - Fast and easy access to survey on mobile via QR code

    - Paperless

    - Automatic identification of user

    - QR Code verification of survey completion

    - Distribution of prizes and gifts upon QR Code verification

    - No extra input work required after event

    - Real-time updates on survey statistics



Fun2D QR Code Luckydraw Solution[Contact US]


    - Lottery draw for checked-in guests only

    - Fair and clear draw procedures

    - Easily configurable prizes

    - Different prize eligibility according to various completion levels

    - Suitable for exhibition, roadshow, year-end party, family day etc.



Fun2D QR Code CheckPoint Solution [Contact US]


    - Fast processing

    - Guides visitors to sponsor booths

    - Automatic data collection for analysis and view

    - Increases interaction within the venue

    - Used for gifts and prevents handing doubles

    - Can be used for sweepstakes or giveaways



Fun2D QR Code Information Exchange Solution[Contact US]


    - QR code badge used as informaiton exchange between guests and event booth

    - Express card collection completed within one second beep

    - Save exhibitors input time

    - Store guest information instantly

    - Automatically sends e-DM to guest

    - Can be used for giving ceremony to visit the booth

    - Booth provided each with a QR Code scanning box



Fun2D QR Code Session Tracking and Access Control Solution [Contact US]


    - Shows the number of entrants

    - Shows current numbers and also can limit the numbers of admittance

    - Can be used to control invited and uninvited guests

    - Customizable visuals

    - Quick-scan with QR code badge usage



Fun2D QR Code Badge Printing Service [Contact US]


    - Highly reliable QR code generator

    - Simple and easy to make customizable event badge, ID cards, invitations, raffle tickets, overlays, and QR code stickers

    - Profession QR code design and parameter recommendations

    - Easily printable

    - Only require an Excel Sheet for QR code production



Fun2D QR Code Mobile Registration Solution [Contact US]


    - Easy registration on mobile with QR code

    - Customizable registration website

    - Receive notification upon successful registration

    - Available for all platforms, iPhone, Android, Windows phone



Fun2D OnSite RealTime QR Code Entrance Ticket Printing Solution[Contact US]


    - Onsite realtime unique QR Code entrance ticket printing

    - Entrance count and event participants statistics

    - Online event registration

    - Suitable for exhibitions



Fun2D QR Code Course Registration Solution [Contact US]


    - Quick enrollment assistance

    - Instant display Course remaining places

    - Can be used with approach control system allows guests priority enrollment approach



Fun2D QR Code Year-End Party Luckydraw Solution[Contact US]


    - Computerized lottery draw

    - Fully Customizable interface and prizes

    - Anti-Fraud

    - Instant winner notification

    - Easy wireless controller



Fun2D QR Code Event VIP Arrival Announcement Solution[Contact US]


    - Venue wide alert of VIP arrival

    - Allows VIP to feel welcomed and important

    - Displays VIP on large screen



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Entry Regulation Solution [Contact US]


    - Regulate personnel entry

    - Live update of populace in venue

    - Calculates entry count

    - Restrict unauthorized access

    - Allows entry based on sections or time



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Interaction Card Solution[Contact US]


    - Enhance interactions with guests

    - Integrated with popular social networks

    - Multi-layer guest interaction

    - Easy management of personal information

    - Full support management of gifts and prizes



Fun2D QR Code Lucky Spin Solution[Contact US]


    - Full support management of gifts and prizes

    - Usage of QR code for prize draw

    - Increases interactivity with crowd

    - Set the prizes and record remaining prizes



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Stage Instant Luckydraw Solution[Contact US]


    - Easy lottery participation though QR code

    - Fair and random lottery draw

    - Suitable for all exhibitions and stage performances

    - Integrated with popular social media



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Interactive Kiosk Solution[Contact US]


    - Interactive games with the usage of QR code adds a new dimension to an exhibition

    - Interactive QR code which adds features to visitor tickets

    - Printable tickets for customers to take as souvenirs

    - Easy to track customers and usage



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition eDM Auto Reply Solution[Contact US]


    - Visitors can receive detailed product information through scanning QR code

    - Easy one-click email to visitors containing business contact information

    - Simple and environment friendly solution

    - Automatically collect information on potential consumer and business opportunities



Fun2D QR Code Facebook Share Solution[Contact US]


    - Facebook share through QR code standing sign

    - Maximize the benefits of event booth

    - Simplify sharing pictures and text for products



Fun2D QR Code Exhibition Information Kiosk Solution[Contact US]


    - Quick and easy installation

    - QR code cards are easily recycled

    - Beautifully designed cards for guests

    - Cards can be made tailored to any situation, such as special events, work, services, projects, or others



Fun2D QR Code Scavenger Hunt Solution[Contact US]


    - Promote a specific landscape

    - Interactive and fun way to guide participants to specific interest points

    - Easy to scan with mobile phone

    - Shows current status

    - Reports automatically when points completed



Fun2D QR Code Participant Count Solution[聯絡我們]


    - Reliable and accurate

    - Supports simultaneous multi-entry

    - Center console displays current participant numbers

    - Instantly reports cumulative statistics

    - Used at past Guiness World Record events



Fun2D QR Code Rally CheckPoint Solution[Contact US]


    - Easy to use and fast scanning

    - Real-time data statistics

    - Simple to read score online

    - Valid code synchronization



Fun2D QR Code Scanning Analysis Solution[Contact US]


    - Analysis of various advertisements of products can be stored through QR code 

    - Simple and easy to use display of product popularity

    - Provide customized QR Code for scanning statistics

    - Setting QR Code landing page for product information, video or survey form

    - View real-time scanning report online



Fun2D QR Code Sales Promotion Solution[Contact US]


    - Direct link to marketing programs and purchase

    - Set invoice numbers or membership

    - Easy distribution of sweepstakes through QR code

    - Lottery system compatible

    - Useful for promoting purchase in exhibitions and computer activities



Fun2D QR Code e-Coupon Solution[Contact US]


    - Perfect for online coupons and redeemable at stores

    - Able to issue membership cards through mobile

    - Sends coupons instantly for consumers

    - Coupon redemption fast and simple

    - Automated computer reports eliminates errors



Fun2D QR Code Generation and Auto-Sending Solution[Contact US]


    - Fast production of large numbers of QR code

    - Can be sent via Email or SMS

    - Sent in large batches of needed

    - Can be coded as an ECoupon



Fun2D QR Code Personalized Design Service[Contact US]


    - Unique QR Code design

    - Professionally tested to ensure QR Code readability



Fun2D QR Code Personalized Gift Service[Contact US]


    - Exclusive QR Code seal production

    - Exclusive QR Code Lego (Lego) Production

    - Exclusive QR Code Necklace making

    - Exclusive QR Code card production



Fun2D QR Code Stickers Solution[Contact US]


    - Complete verification and testing

    - Recommended settings and appropriate specifications



Fun2D QR Code Customized Product Labeling Solution[Contact US]


    - Customizable label form

    - Easy to manage through Excel imported data

    - Generate large amounts of QR code easily

    - Access to a large list of product label printing

    - System provides all common sizes for free

    - Print to standard A4

    - Supports DataMatrix



Fun2D QR Code Mini Label Sticker Printing Service[Contact US]


    - Mini 5mm x 5mm labe sticker

    - High-temperature resistant

    - Waterproof and scratch-resistant

    - Massive serial number 2D barcode generation

    - Post-printing 2D barcode scanning testing

    - Suitable for PCB traceability management



Fun2D QR Code Email Sending System [Contact US]


    - QR Code Email generating and sending automatically via system

    - User-designable QR Code

    - Logo can be embedded into the QR Code

    - User-definable resoluton and label

    - User-definable email server and email content

    - Provide substitute function (ex: name, company, id) to individualize the email content

    - User can decide to send all or send partial

    - Suitable for e-invitation, e-ticket, e-coupon etc



Fun2D QR Code Secured Payment Solution[Contact US]


    - For mobile payment security QR Code generation

    - For mobile payment security QR Code decoding and reading

    - Effectively prevents counterfeiting

    - Allow street vendors to accept mobile payment

    - Conveniently pay by phone



Fun2D QR Code Anti-Fraud Solution[Contact US]


    - Multi-level security counterfeit protection mechanism

    - Can be applied to documents, certificates security

    - Can be encrypted

    - Random number can be encoded

    - Information can be hidden

    - QR Code can be made into stickers or scratch and other special forms

    - Can be applied to a product history, food security and mobile payment



Fun2D QR Code Secured Login Solution[Contact US]


    - Easy to use as password

    - Convenience: eliminating the inconvenience of manual input



Fun2D QR Code Business vCard Generator Solution[Contact US]


    - vCard created standard business card with QR code

    - Business cards added to mobile phone with QR code

    - Worry-free security

    - Excel data sheet imports large amount of data in bulk



Fun2D QR Code Inspection Check Solution[Contact US]


    - Implementation of when patron inspection personnel arrive

    - Records the inspection automatically

    - Rapid QR code scanning

    - Simple user interface

    - System automatically records place and time

    - Offline data storage to deal with conditions

    - Upload pictures for patrol inspection

    - Reports can be viewed online

    - Easy data access



Fun2D QR Code Fixed Asset Inventory Solution[Contact US]


    - Asset inventory through mobile phone

    - Check results through online app

    - Easily view original image files

    - Camera upload feature



Fun2D QR Code XBox Kinect Solution[Contact US]


    - Player identification: resolve not recognize the new players to join issue

    - Offline integration: the game easier for developers to integrate offline and activities

    - Data Portability: Xbox and mobile phone data exchange, allowing Xbox action-oriented information and may carry



Fun2D QR Code Instant Form Access Solution [Contact US]


    - Application to scan archived documents, reduce manual copying and paper waste.

    - Increase in the application form barcode function, reduce the time searching for the application form to improve audit efficiency.



Fun2D QR Code ID Capture Solution[Contact US]


    - Scans QR Code and captures image

    - Watermark protection



Fun2D Industrial 2D (QRCode/DataMatrix) Reader using Raspberry Pi Solution [Contact US]


    - Raspberry Pi is the PC, no extra PC for 2D Reader

    - Works with many different types of industrial camera

    - Reads tiny or moving 2D barcodes

    - High CP value solution

    - Wireless communication

    - Reference video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiHNKfV1Rc0&list=PLdhkpZk1YQXQur5qVKkZWM0N3GRKpFZy4&index=42



FunCode Inbound and Outbound Mobile Multi-Code Scanning System [Contact Us]


    - Quickly and accurately identifies all pallet box barcodes

    - Saves time compared to traditional manual scanning or individual checks

    - Accelerates inventory turnover, saving valuable time and human resources for the enterprise

    - Reduces human errors, providing highly accurate inventory data to help maintain correct inventory levels and reduce the risk of incorrect shipments

    - Operates on smartphones, offering excellent flexibility and portability

    - Easily integrates into your existing ERP/WMS system, creating a seamless and efficient shipping process



FunCode Printing Variable Code Inspection System [Contact Us]


    - Primarily used for verifying the accuracy of variable code (1D/2D Barcode) labels in printing

    - Especially suitable for high-speed printing scenarios, compatible with various roll-to-roll, digital, and high-speed sheet-fed printers

    - Instantly performs automatic recognition and verification of multiple QR codes, significantly improving inspection efficiency and accuracy

    - Utilizes advanced image recognition technology and AI machine vision algorithms to report barcode content, position, angle, and quality grade scores

    - Provides robust data analysis and reporting features, helping operators easily detect and correct printing errors

    - Significantly reduces manual inspection costs



FunCode QR Code Inventory APP System [Contact Us]


    - Cross-platform, compatible with both Android and iOS

    - No need to purchase PDAs, eliminating concerns about PDA damage and maintenance

    - Supports offline scanning and online synchronization

    - Provides standard APIs

    - Supports various 1D and 2D barcodes, including GS1 code128 and GS1 datamatrix

    - Suitable for UDI scanning of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, shipping inventory, receiving inventory, stock in/out scanning, logistics inventory, and mobile price checking



FunCode QR Code Digital Ticket Redemption System [Contact Us]


    - Encourages attendees to visit various booths and boosts booth performance

    - Automatically sends digital tickets or coupons based on conditions

    - Booths can scan attendee QR codes for redemption without additional devices

    - Booths can check redemption records and accumulated amounts through the backend

    - Attendees can check redemption records, used, and unused tickets on their phones

    - Organizers can view and check redemption statistics in the backend, eliminating the time-consuming task of reconciling paper tickets after events

    - Suitable for exhibitions and fairs



FunCode QR Code Full Quota Gift Registration System [Contact Us]


    - Convenient: Digital lottery ticket distribution replaces paper tickets, eliminating concerns about printing, coding, quantity, and control issues.

    - Fast: Instant distribution.

    - Accurate: Automatically accumulates purchase amounts and verifies distribution quantities through the system.

    - Avoids errors: Prevents issues with illegible handwriting and mistakes.



FunCode QR Code Construction Site Safety Notification System [Contact Us]


    - Clear safety notification procedures and records to comply with regulations and fulfill notification obligations, preventing safety incidents.

    - Real-time inquiry of personnel on site.

    - Easy installation and clear usage procedures.

    - Suitable for construction sites and high-risk work areas.



FunCode QR Code Satisfaction Survey Incentive System [Contact Us]


    - Increases customer willingness and response rates for satisfaction surveys.

    - Collects firsthand customer data.

    - Provides opportunities to address and resolve dissatisfaction promptly.

    - Immediate lottery and reward distribution mechanisms.

    - Suitable for the food service industry, tech product repair centers, etc.



FunCode QR Code Traceability Management System [Contact Us]


    - Traceable production process.

    - Complete production records.

    - Enhances trust between consumers and producers.

    - Proof of production origin and anti-counterfeiting.

    - Comprehensive one-stop solution for code generation, assignment (labeling, printing, laser engraving), and scanning.

    - QR code printing quality analysis.



FunCode Ticket Sheet Variable Code Verification Machine [Contact Us]


    - High-speed reading of ticket variable QR codes.

    - Includes counting function.



FunCode Logistics Sorting Station High-Speed Scanning System [Contact Us]


    - Increases processing speed: Quickly reads barcodes on moving boxes, significantly improving sorting efficiency.

    - Reduces error rate: High-precision scanning technology greatly reduces mis-sorting and missed sorting, improving overall sorting accuracy.

    - Enhances tracking ability: Complete records for each item from entry to exit of the sorting station enhance traceability and logistics management transparency.

    - Optimizes warehouse management: Real-time and accurate sorting data helps better plan storage space and logistics paths, improving storage utilization efficiency.

    - Flexible adaptation: Design can flexibly adapt to different sizes and speeds of boxes, expanding system applicability.

    - Suitable for logistics center sorting stations and automated line reading.



FunCode LabelFlow Track Barcode Recognition System [Contact Us]


    - Enhances tracking ability: Ensures accurate tracking of each item during stock in and out, improving reliability and transparency of inventory management.

    - Improves data integration: Automatically read barcode information can be integrated with the company's inventory or supply chain management system, improving data integration and processing speed.

    - Increases efficiency: Automated scanning process reduces the need for manual barcode entry, significantly speeding up processing in logistics centers or storage areas.

    - Recognition capability: Can read small barcodes without changing current label specifications.

    - Flexibility and expandability: Movable design allows easy placement according to business needs, providing high flexibility and expandability.



FunCode Medical Device Laser-Engraved QR Code System [Contact Us]


    - Professional high-quality micro QR code laser engraving device.

    - Professional QR code quality grade recognition device.

    - Comprehensive laser QR code layout and encoding software system.

    - Precise 2mm x 2mm medical device UDI QR code laser engraving.

    - Immediate verification of laser-engraved QR code quality grade according to ISO 15415 standards.

    - Full quality inspection replaces sample testing, preventing unreadable QR codes in subsequent processes.