Fun2D vCard QR Code Generation Software

Benefits and Features

    - Convenient: Customers can easily add you into the mobile contact list via simply scanning the QR code on your biz card

    - Safe: Generate vCard QR Code safely (no worry about personal data leak from generating on line)

    - Efficient: Import data from Excel efficiently

    - Easy to Use: System suggests the fit-to-use QR Code parameters

    - Personalized: Embeds personalized inside of QR Code



Purchase Online - Price: US$ 240/year US$120/year (valid until 30.Sept.2024)

    1. Click 'Pay Now' Button, pay with your credit card or PayPal account. Then you will get a PayPal transaction code on the last screen and in the email of the receipt from PayPal.

    2. Download Fun2D vCard QR Code Generation Software(unzip password: funcode) , and install it.

    3. Run Fun2D vCard QR Code Generation Software, and get the "Registration Code" shown on the license dialog.

    4. Please email the "Registration Code" and transaction code to

    5. You will get the "Activation Code" in 24 hours. Fill it into the license dialog, then you are ready to go!


Main Functions


    A. Options for fixed density or dynamic density of QR Code.

    B. Easily import data from Excel.

    C. Instantly generate QR Code of all data.

    D. Store Name, Company, Title, TEL, FAX, Mobile, Email, Address, Website and Note.

    E. Generate vCard QR Code with suggested parameters.

    F. View generated QR Codes.

    G. Allow you to generate high resolution QR Code image.

    H. You can specify the file name for the generated image.


How to Use - 3 Easy Steps to Get your Job Done

    Step1: Import Data from Excel


    Step2: vCard QRCode Generation


    Step3: View and Use Generated vCard QRCode Image Files